Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Van!

Before we even got pregnant, I told Ben months and months ago that when we had a 3rd child, we would need to get a van.  Our Explorer held 3 in the back, so we could have made due with it with a 3rd child, but having 3 carseats in there was a major pain in the neck.  With 3 car seats in there (or even just an adult in the back with the kids), it was such a tight squeeze that Chloe couldn't even buckle herself, which she has been able to do now for more than a year.  Trying to get 3 people buckled in there brought about much whining from the kids, and angry words being muttered under my breath as I tried to squeeze everyone in.  

Ben, on the other hand, was in no hurry to get something new and said that with another child, we would be fine (obviously he hadn't been the one buckling everyone in......)  So I jokingly told him one day after we knew that we were pregnant (but before we knew how many babies were in there) that it sounded like the only way I was going to get a van was by having twins.  Lo and behold, it happened and now I got my wish!  Sounds like I'll have to go to extreme measures in the future to get more things I want.

Saturday was the big day that we made the BIG purchase.  We have never bought a new car together and have had much success and fun with buying nice used (and very inexpensive) cars that have been more than sufficient for our needs, so buying new this time around was.... well, big.  But we are very pleased with our van and excited to be able to safely (and non-angrily) buckle our expanding family into it soon.

Our Toyota Sienna- isn't she a beauty?  We are quite enjoying her.

The happy new owners the day we picked her up.  We are excited, but the looks on our faces can also be interpreted as "Oh boy, did we really just do this?"

Chloe loves it and has commented many times that the van is "cool." 

We now join the many, many others of you who enjoy your family vans!  Those of you who say you will never own a van, be careful- it happens to the best of us!