Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Beach, Part 3

We traveled about an hour to go to the outlet malls in Lincoln City, OR.  We got our back to school clothes shopping pretty much done.  We split kids up between Ben and I to get done as efficiently and quickly as possible.  This was my crew, along with Chloe (who took the picture).

Ben found a leather store and reminisced about the days he used to wear leather jackets in college.

Leah had fun wherever she was.

Livy was a trooper in the backpack once again until the very end.  When we met up at our last store she was cranky and wanted out, but did great for most of the trip.

Papa did a French braid in Stella's hair.  Ben also loves to braid and I love when men and dad's do their daughter's hair.

It's hard not to have a favorite child when you have a baby like Jocelyn.  She is our sweetheart.

When Livy isn't jealous of her, she loves to hold her.

Chelsea had a birthday at the beach again.  It was fun to celebrate with a big cake and lots of tillamook ice cream!

Mitch had such a fun time in the water.  I hardly ever saw him down at the beach because he was constantly riding the waves.

There were some fake birds on some trees just down from our beach house.  Olivia loves birds and Bethany was sweet enough to take her there a few times during the week.

Going with cousin Grant was even better.

The day we left was completely clear skies, sunny and beyond gorgeous.  We hadn't had weather this great the whole week and didn't get to enjoy it much as we had to pack and clean all morning.

We survived another vacation with 2 babies!  Hopefully next year Livy will be out of her hard phase and Jocie will still be sweet, wonderful Jocie.  

We love you beach!  August 2016 can't come fast enough.

Beach, Part 2

We bought an extra body board this year to bring with us so that each of the big kids could have one to use at the same time (unless an adult was using one).  It's so fun watching our kids have fun and be outside doing something active.

Me and my babies!

Joce enjoyed the ocean from the safety of our front pack.  She was a good snuggle buddy on the shore. 

My two best boys body boarding together!

I did a lot of this at the beach- sitting!

The almost 2 year olds got more and more brave and daring as the week went on and wanted to venture out into the water on their own.  Since that was a big no-no, one of the adults had to keep a hand at them at all times when they were out of arm's reach.

The tide pools is always a day we love at the beach.  I thought Livy might pitch a fit being stuck in her backpack but she was an angel and never once asked to get out.  

Love this picture!

Team Andros

Leah was happy to find a crab

Another shot of our gorgeous view

It was even more spectacular at sunset

Sam led us all in a game of charades one night.  KC wrote down Disney characters for the kids to pull out of a hat and act out.  It was hilarious.

Game time!

Ben took the big kids to the Science Center one rainy morning.

Lots of hands on things to do

And fun things to see

My all time favorite picture at the beach this year.  Papa loves his grandkids fiercely.

Jocie did some fair amount of sleeping at the beach and luckily when she was awake she was pretty happy.

We had all the big kids fall asleep in the same bed one night and then moved the two unlucky winners to the floor after they were asleep.  Leah wasn't happy about this arrangement.  It's always tight sleeping quarters at the beach.  It's good for everyone!

Our annual "Candy Jar Guessing Game" was with mini taffy taffy's this year.

Chloe was the big winner!  Bummer for her and everyone was that they had melted at some point after we bought them and were a gooey, sticky mess. 

Some valiant guesses and some changed minds.  Chloe had an excellent guess- only two off!

If Papa is around and especially if he has food, the one year olds will not be far away.

Jocie was such a good baby.  She is a dream and a joy.

The view from the beach of the over hanging cliffs where the houses are.

A group out body boarding.

The twins were so cute to share my gloves one day.  They each got one to wear.  Bummer that by the end of the week the gloves were missing and still haven't been found.

Cousins gotta help each other out!

Feeding time!  Babies are always happier when they are fed.