Friday, May 2, 2014

Alexis's Miracle Garden

It's been 7 months since our sweet Lexi girl fell out of the bedroom window.  For the first few weeks after the accident, I thought about it every day.  I now think about it every so often and am still amazed and so, so grateful for the outcome of that miracle day.  

This past Fall (either in late November or early December), Ben and the kids started planting tulips and other bulbs all around our yard and flower gardens.  He decided to have Lexi help him plant a special garden just for her, in the spot where she landed.  She was thrilled to help do that.  She and Ben named it "Lexi's Miracle Garden."  In the past few months, she has started talking about her fall a lot more.  Immediately and for months after her accident, she did not like to talk about it- at all.  She will now bring it up often and is anxious to talk about it.  "Remember when I fell out of the window, Mom?  And I had to go to the hospital, just like you did when you had Olivia? And then you came and visited me at the hospital?  And we both had to get shots?" (Referring to getting an IV started).  The girls had a friend over just yesterday and while they were playing outside, Lexi showed her friend the window she fell out of and where she landed.  She ended the conversation by saying "That's what happened when I fell out of a two story window!"

In early March of this year, we saw little green plants start to poke through.  It was so exciting!

March 22- they are getting bigger!

April 15- the first day we saw color!

April 18- full bloom!

Beautiful Lexi in her Miracle Garden, Easter Sunday (April 20).

Every time I see that spot, it brings back a rush of emotions.  Now with beautiful flowers growing there, I am reminded of our happy, beautiful outcome and am reminded of what a true miracle our Alexis is.

Right after the accident, Lexi went through a very feisty stage.  She still has her moments (as all 4 year olds do), but her sweet side is back in full force.  She has been so eager to help and please these past few months.  After she offers to help with something she'll say "That was good that I helped, right Mama?"  Her new favorite phrase (and I love it) is "Right Mama?"  I could think of a thousand phrases that she says with "Right Mama?" in it, because she says it all the time.  She is extremely inquisitive these days, very reminiscent of a toddler who asks "why" about everything.  "Jesus wants us to be nice, right Mama?"  "People can say whatever they want, but bad words aren't good, right Mama?"  The list goes on and on and on.  She very much wants to be good and is always checking with me about what is good, what isn't good, and if she has been good.  I do have to admit that some days her non stop questions can be a bit much, especially if they come with a crying baby in hands or when one of the other kids needs something.  She has become very talkative and can literally talk for an hour straight, if given the opportunity.  When people come to the house that she knows, she will run right up to them and start peppering them with any question or dialogue she can think of.  I have to ask her to take a break sometimes before she wears our visitors (or me) out, but I am trying really hard not to squelch her new found desire to inquire and learn.  She is such a bright beacon of peace, love and harmony in our home and I want her to feel that she can forever ask questions and chat openly with her mama.

We love this girl.  She is one of the reason we believe whole heartedly in miracles!  Her beautiful Miracle Garden is a reminder to us of God's love, grace and true miracles.  I love the book "Where the Red Fern Grows."  I didn't know what color of tulips Ben had planted and when I saw red ones pop up, my first thought was of that book.  Lexi's garden can also be "Where the Red Tulips Grow" and we are excited to see new ones grow each spring.  We can't imagine our lives without this little lady in them.