Thursday, December 17, 2015


August started off with some reunions for Ben.

The first one was a seminary reunion for all of the kids who attended Richland High School.  They were honoring their long time teacher Brother Nelson, who taught for almost 20 years.  That's a long time for a seminary teacher to teach at the same location.  There were lots of people there.  I didn't know Brother Nelson at all, but he stood up to say a few words at the end of the evening and he was very funny and seemed like a wonderful man.

Ben also got to hang out with some good buddies for a few hours, too.

The next day, Saturday August 1 was Ben's 20th high school reunion.  There was a family get together at the park in the early afternoon and then a tour of the high school afterwards.  It was fun for Ben to visit with classmates he hasn't seen in years and he was really excited to walk through his high school that has changed quite a bit since his time there.  We were glad to be there to support him.  We passed on the Pub Crawl later that evening. :)

Oh how we love this girl.  Just looking back at these pictures makes me miss the "sleep anywhere, anytime" phase of babyhood.

I took the kids to do some school shopping one day.  Lexi looked adorable in everything she tried on.

Mitch was excited to pick out some of his own clothes.  On this 95 degree day, it was hard to imagine it being cool enough to wear long sleeves.

Later that afternoon we met up with cousins at the river to swim and play.

Joce was either really tired or passed out from the heat. :)

There's nothing like a snuggle from a Nana.

These pair of one year olds think Aunt Bethany is the best.  And she really is.  She plays with all the kids non stop.  We love her!

Joce totally rocked the tank top.  Totally.

This month it was Leah's turn for a Daddy/Daughter date.

She was super happy with their date location of Dairy Queen.

Swimming lessons continued in full force for us.  I felt like they should have renamed the pool after our family for all the time we spent there this summer.

We finished another session the day before leaving for the beach.

I love this picture.  I love that my kids love this baby.  I love that they willingly love to spend time with her and love on her and help take care of her.  And I love that she has porcelain skin too. :) Oh, do we love this baby girl.