Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just Going To The Dentist

Last Friday was Chloe's first trip to the dentist. She did great at her 3 year well-child check at her pediatrician the week before (the nurse said she'd never seen a 3 year old so calm, especially during her shots. Actually, during her shots, she laid on the table, pants to her ankles, with her arms under her head, starring off into space like she was on a beach. She didn't even flinch when the needles poked her.) Even though she did great there, we were still a little worried about how she would do at the dentist.
To prep for the big occasion, we read Mercer Mayer's Just Going To The Dentist. She loves Mercer Mayer's books and this story did a great job of explaining what goes on at the dentist. We then told her that the dentist was going to count her teeth and look in her mouth. Well, much to our surprise, she did just as well at the dentist, if not better, then she did at the pediatrician! No complaints, no worries. She was a little shy, but she wasn't scared at all.

Here she is, calmly getting her teeth cleaned. The hygienist was great- she explained to Chloe everything that she was doing and was so sweet.

Getting X-rays! They said a lot of kids this age won't cooperate and get X-rays done, but Chloe was so at ease that she probably would have jumped up on the table and done a dance if they'd asked her to.

She did great at "opening wide!" The dentist told her that in future visits, she may have to open her mouth for 5 minutes (to get dental work done) and he asked her if she could do that. She nodded her head, and then quickly opened her mouth right away, thinking she was supposed to do it right then. She was so obedient to everything they said, it was so cute.

Our dentist (the man in the Hawaiian shirt) and the hygienist were more than willing (excited actually) to get a picture with Chloe. We have such a great dentist and everyone in his office made Chloe feel right at home.

After her cleaning and X-rays, the dentist took a peek at her teeth (notice how calm and still she is sitting). Unfortunately, he found a cavity on the top that she will have to get filled in January. I don't know where a cavity at 3 came from- Ben and I didn't get our first cavities until we were in our 20's. The only good genes that we have available to pass on and she doesn't get them .....

After the check up, the hygienist brought her a toothbrush and then took her to pick a prize out of the prize basket. Chloe came back with a deck of Old Maid cards and I was quite surprised that she didn't pick a piece of the sugarless candy. Within seconds, Chloe said, "I want to eat this now!" She thought the box of cards was a box of candy! (She has a lot to learn about the dentist.....a land where candy is not plentiful, or even recommended, for that matter). She was very disappointed, and the hygienist, upon noticing, offered to take her back to let her pick another prize. Of course, Chloe came back with a sugar-free sucker and was thrilled.

And, not to be left out, Mitchell was given a toothbrush as well and can't wait to be like big sister and start brushing!
It was a great first trip to the dentist and Chloe had such a positive experience that we hope when we have to go back in January to fill the cavity that she will do just as well (wish us luck!)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

You better watch out, you better not CRY

Saturday was our ward's Christmas party. After breakfast, Santa came and we stood in line with the kids so they could sit on his lap. Chloe was scared to death of him last year, so I was happy when she agreed to go and visit him this year. But, of course, when it was our turn, Chloe turned shy and needed lots of coaxing to sit on Santa's lap. She finally did and would only talk to him after he pulled candy canes out of his bag for her. (He was nice enough to give her 2). When asked what she wanted for Christmas she whispered just one request: "Jammies." Unfortunately, Ben and I have not gotten her any pajamas for Christmas. Luckily, Aunt Amanda and Uncle Neil have already told us that is what they got for Chloe, so we are in luck. You guys will be the heroes this Christmas because apparently the only thing she wants is pajamas! We also will enjoy the Christmases of simple, innocent requests. As we stood in line, we heard other kids shouting "I want a Wii" or "I want a Nintendo and an Ipod!" We'll take pajamas while we can get it!

Mitchell was just sad that he was not allowed to eat his candy cane.

My First Pair of Nikes

When I was pregnant with Chloe and we found out we were having a girl, I was so excited. I was hoping for a girl and couldn't wait to dress her up in pink sporty stuff. Throughout the pregnancy, I searched and searched for sporty girl things and did not have as much luck as I was hoping for. I found a few things, but overall I was quite disappointed. As it turns out, I had just as much fun dressing her up in frills and ribbons, which is a stark contrast to my personal style and motto in high school. (Anyone who knew me in high school could confirm this). So when we found out this last time that we were pregnant with a boy, I was equally as excited and couldn't wait to redeem myself in the sporty clothes area. I have had a blast buying every football, baseball, basketball and soccer themed outfit that money can buy. One of my favorite "man accessories" with Mitchell is shoes. With baby girls, their shoes are usually "darling" and "adorable." But with boys, they are "cool." Nothing is better than cool shoes, and if I do say so myself, he looks pretty darn cool in his Nikes.

Very cool

Bottom View

And of course, a matching hat

The whole outfit

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

First Blog

Lets give this thing a whirl! We've decided to join the fast growing world of blogging. We are probably the last people in the world to do so, but then again we never were people to do something just because its cool. I mean, we don't even own IPods! But we will give this a try and see how cool we can become. Plus, now Carrie can quit locking up everyone's email with huge files.