Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My First Pair of Nikes

When I was pregnant with Chloe and we found out we were having a girl, I was so excited. I was hoping for a girl and couldn't wait to dress her up in pink sporty stuff. Throughout the pregnancy, I searched and searched for sporty girl things and did not have as much luck as I was hoping for. I found a few things, but overall I was quite disappointed. As it turns out, I had just as much fun dressing her up in frills and ribbons, which is a stark contrast to my personal style and motto in high school. (Anyone who knew me in high school could confirm this). So when we found out this last time that we were pregnant with a boy, I was equally as excited and couldn't wait to redeem myself in the sporty clothes area. I have had a blast buying every football, baseball, basketball and soccer themed outfit that money can buy. One of my favorite "man accessories" with Mitchell is shoes. With baby girls, their shoes are usually "darling" and "adorable." But with boys, they are "cool." Nothing is better than cool shoes, and if I do say so myself, he looks pretty darn cool in his Nikes.

Very cool

Bottom View

And of course, a matching hat

The whole outfit


Camille McInelly said...

I love it. It's always fun to dress little people like big people. :) He does look cool.