Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pup Fun

We are sure having fun with all of these pups...

"Everyone, get on to the Ark!"

"There's plenty of room for everyone!"

Here is Chloe with the little girl pup we are going to keep- did I mention we are keeping one? Ben has begged for years to keep one. (Guess who finally wore down?)

Leah giving our pup a love. She is nameless right now, but we are working on coming up with a suitable name for her. "Our pup" just isn't working anymore. She's a sweetie, too.

The babies have no fear around the pups and pound on the back slider door every day to go play with them. Hallelujah for the sun these past few days.

Mitch holding Grandma Blakeslee's pup. Did I mention my parents are getting one of the pups, too? Our biggest, cutest, most mellow boy pup. He's amazing and we love him. Mitch didn't even have to make him stay on his lap.

Our girl pup on the left and my parents boy pup on the right- a nice looking pair. Now only if they both could get named... I didn't think I would have to worry about naming any more babies for a long while, but here we are again. Luckily, the "baby" needing to be named was not grown or birthed by me, so that's good. Chloe and Mitch have come up with quite a few doozy names, mostly boy ones. A few of their suggestions- Ben (that wouldn't be weird at all), Flynn Rider (from the movie "Tangled"), Chloe, Isabelle, Natalie and many more.

Any suggestions?