Thursday, September 10, 2009


This feels like de ja vu.... off to preschool, again! This is Chloe's second year of preschool at the same place, with the same teacher. The differences this year are that she has all new class mates (all girls!), and she is going to afternoon preschool instead of morning preschool.

Summer was wonderful, but I have one busy 4 year old who always needs/wants something to do, so we were both more than ready for school to start again.

Ready to hit the books, with the same backpack and pencil box as last year (school prep was super easy this year, although I did spring for new markers!)

Chloe was very timid last year on the first day, but his year, she knew just what to do with her back pack and shoes and knew where to find all the toys. She's an old pro!

Her teacher came up and greeted her during play time, happy to have her back in class again.

Here's to a wonderful new year of school for Chloe, who only wishes preschool happened EVERY day.

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