Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mitch 4 year photo shoot

Along with 4 birthdays in 8 weeks at the Andros house, Fall is also the time for every child's new year/age photo shoot.

We came home from church on Sunday and it was still light AND not raining AND Ben was home... a rare combination in the fall and winter here in Seattle. We decided to jump on the opportunity and get Mitchell's pictures taken.

These first two shots portray exactly how Mitchell felt about this unannounced photo shoot... I can see it in his eyes- death to Mom.

Oh the torture.

I actually love this one- very GQ.

And oh, the fake, forced smile. Still cute, though.

This picture depicts classic Mitch- in his own world, doing what he wants even if it's not what he's supposed to be doing. "It's just what Mitch does." I love it.

A real smile from my buddy!

Getting tired of all the smiling, so he really cheesed it up, hoping it would be the smile to end all pictures. (We're just glad none of the bulging veins in his neck exploded).

As handsome as ever, our Mitch-man. Here's to a great 5th year for him.


Megan said...

love the mitch-man! and his
oh-so-boy-ish ways.

The Blakeslee Family said...

I've got to have one of those photos (or several) soon. I like the first one and the GQ and especially the last one with the leaf background. Fall is a good season for pictures.

Mitch is getting quite handsome and so grown-up. I'm not ready for 4 year old grandsons. I'll miss the chubby toddler.

Amanda said...

Let it be known that Mitch is my favorite little boy, after my 2 boys. The things he says and does crack me up. I love the GQ pic.