Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hospital Stay

I used to really not like my hospital stays after I had babies.  With Chloe and Mitch's deliveries, we couldn't wait to get home and be done with the hospital.  I never got any sleep there, the food wasn't great, and there was always somebody up in our business- touching, poking, prodding, etc.

With the twins' delivery, we actually didn't mind the hospital stay.  I found out that it was a nice way to enjoy my babies all alone (with no small children).  And with C-sections requiring a longer stay in the hospital, I found that once you get past the first night, the following nights were much better- nurses came in much less after the first night and things really quieted down.  I'm always glad to go home and be all together as a family, but I have enjoyed the quiet alone time that Ben and I get with just our new, sweet baby. 

"Dr." Ben checking on little Livy.

Couldn't you just kiss those cheeks?  I do- every day!  And this picture especially makes her look so, so big.  It was amazing how much smaller she was (and still is) in person.

Papa got to stop by one more time and visit the little miss before flying back to Idaho.

Livy was perfect the day she was born- so mellow and content.  She was a great nurser from the get go and was happy to nurse when I offered, but totally happy to just sleep as well.  But on Day 2, she started to realize she was hungry, and with my milk supply not being in yet, our little sweetheart got very impatient.  She wanted to nurse all the time, yet would get very frustrated when she didn't get much (if anything) out.  We finally decided to give our "starving" big girl a bottle.  She loved it and gulped it down in minutes.  Later the nurse told us that they don't want newborns to drink more than 1 ounce at a time.  Yet the bottle of formula they gave me was 2 ounces.  We weren't worried about it- we've always had BIG eaters.

Olivia and I taking a much needed nap one afternoon.  When no one needs to take vitals or poke us, our room was very quiet and the perfect place to rest.  I loved having nothing to do for 3 days besides rest and take care and snuggle my sweet girl.

Grandma brought the kids by again the second day after school.  They were just as excited as the first day.  This baby has 4 of the best admirers around.  She is going to be smothered with love.
Grandma with my two youngest girls!  Lexi has been dethroned as the baby of the family.  She's taken  it like a champ!

Being the only boy in the family will be good for this guy- he'll be the best protector of 4 sisters!

The sweet face I got to stare at all day long.  That was my only job. :)


Amanda said...

Amen about hospital stays(not speaking from experience but from hopefulness!). Its great having someone bring you anything you could want with the push of the button amd someone can take your baby to the nursery if you want. Im glad you were able to relax enjoy Olivia. You probably have to share her way too much at home!

The Moore Family said...

The best part of the hospital is all the uninterrupted meals you get to enjoy!! But i sure do miss my own bed!