Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Break, the Finale

The second half of Spring Break was a little more laid back.  From Thursday on, we had no big plans.  Ben's parents left Thursday afternoon, after graciously watching the kids that morning while I went to my eye doctor appointment by myself. 

I came home to find a happy Livy and Nana.  

Livy showed Nana her "I want to crawl" skills. 

This is a 6 month old who desperately wants to be mobile.  She can easily get up on all fours and does it multiple times a day.  She rocks back and forth and then can "crawl" backwards, but not forward.  She can get herself all over one side of a room, until she's backed herself into a corner.  I've never had a baby this mobile this early.

It was a sunny day and the kids were excited to eat lunch outside.  I was happy for no crumbs inside!

After dinner, the kids played a game of Twister.  Most times that we play it, it ends with someone in tears, so we warned the kids that we'd be done when the first person cried.  Sure enough, within 5 or 10 minutes, we had a crier and we were done. 

Lexi was a hoot to watch.  She is our flexible little girl and had her little self stretched out all over that mat.

After the 3 little girls were in bed, Ben and I hung out with these two knuckleheads.  It's fun having big kids!

Ben took Friday off.  That was always the "last minute" plan for the week, but we were extra glad that he was still able to, as he found out Tuesday afternoon that he would be leaving to Turkey that week for a business trip.  It was pretty urgent and he thought for a minute that he'd have to leave Wednesday or Thursday, but we lucked out and got him for the rest of the week.

Friday was a gorgeous day.  Ben took the 4 big kids outside with him and they all spent most of the day out working on the yard.  

Ben installed (dug) a French drain into our yard. 

It worked! 

Our Daisy dog- she hung out and watched all the action in the back of the truck. 

Ben needed to move the truck from one side of the yard to the other.  The kids hopped in for a 2 minute "ride" and Leah thought she was in heaven with the wind in her hair!

In the late afternoon, once the work was done, we headed to a nearby park to play baseball for a little bit.

On our way home, we stopped and got donuts at a nearby shop.  They are always AMAZING!

Saturday, Chloe and Mitchell both had baseball games around the same time, so we had to split up.  The day went quickly and then it was time for Ben to leave town.  The kids had a hard time saying goodbye and Chloe and Mitchell cried for a good 30 minutes after he left. 

I stocked up on the good stuff that day, knowing I'd need it to get through the long week of being a single mother.  (It was actually on a GREAT sale.  I always stock up when it's on their best price).

What a great Spring Break!  Lots of fun adventures, sun, and some good food!


Amanda said...

You weren't kidding about stocking up! How many days did that last?!

SuburbiaMom said...

Fun spring break!!

The Blakeslee Family said...

Save some of that ice cream for me!