Friday, September 19, 2014

Weekend Camping

Our kids LOVE camping, as does their father.  Ben always has the intention to go camping at least a few times during the summer, but our summers fill up so quickly.  And with so many business trips this spring and summer, it was even harder to schedule in.  Luckily, in between business trips the first weekend in August, we had a free weekend and it was decided that Ben would take the kids on an overnight backpacking trip.  Mitch and Chloe got to go on one last year, but it was the first year for the twins.  Ben was a little bit nervous that they'd get tired or that it would be too much, but they did great!

Taking a mobile 10 month old camping is never high on my list, so Olivia and I spent a quiet weekend at home (less than 24 hours, really). 

The hikers, all packed up and ready to go!  (August 1st)

At the beginning of the trail, ready to hike!

The spot where Ben goes has a couple of bridges to cross over.

This bridge makes me nervous!  Oh my!  (Leah's look says it all...)

These kids love to walk and be in nature!

Banana slugs were plentiful.

Descending into their camp site.  Isn't that beautiful?

A group selfie!  

The kids had such a great time and everyone did so great.