Saturday, November 15, 2014

Birthday Party

If there was one thing the girls were excited about even more than their actual birthday, it was their first friend birthday party! 

We got 3 or 4 suggestions from each girl (neither of which were the same) for party ideas and themes.  Mitch suggested at one point that we do two themes- one to accommodate each twin.  Yeah, that wasn't going to happen- a ninja turtle/Frozen party?  We finally came to an agreement that both girls were happy with- a movie theater party!  Rio 2 was the only new, big kid movie that had come out recently, so Rio 2 it was!

The invites

We set up the concessions stands in the basement, just outside the theater room.  A variety of candy...

and popcorn, of course (which not many of the kids were that interested in, actually.  Candy is more fun).

Chloe and I maned the concession stands.

The party goers were each given two tickets- one for concessions and another to get into the movie.

Picking out candy was so much fun!

Mitchell took tickets at the door to get into the movie.

Ready for the movie to start!

The kids were able to come out any time during the movie for more snacks and treats.  That really is the ideal life of a kid- all you can eat treats at your disposal. 

Looking for an easy kid party?  Then I highly recommend a movie party.  The kids loved it, and we loved it.  Easy prep, not a lot of clean up, and happy kids.  The only downside was they had lots of pent of energy when it was time to open gifts.

The whole group!

The girls had each friend come and sit with them while they opened the gift they brought.
Thom and Lucy

The twins were so excited about each and every gift- it was so cute.  They were so appreciative and loving towards their friends.


A big "thank you" hug from Leah.


These 3 buddies- they went to preschool last year and are in the same primary class at church.  They have enjoyed many play dates together and all just get along so well and have so much fun together.


This sweet boy, after watching his gift get opened, immediately went over and started cleaning up stray wrapping paper that was on the ground.

What 4 year old does this without being asked?  I love him and wanted to keep him forever!

Dawson- he is our carpool buddy.  He rides with us to the twins' school every day and his mom brings the girls home.  I am known around their house as "Carpool Carrie."




Funny story about this gift...  Most of Leah's friends' moms asked what the girls liked.  Over the past year/year and a half, the twins have really started to get into different things.  I told all of the asking parents that Leah liked ninja turtles, weapons, and stuff like that and that Lexi liked typical girly stuff.  Each girl received a My Little Pony from one sweet friend.  Lexi loved it.  Leah was very polite and didn't say anything, but the look on her face after opening it said, "What IS this?  Why would someone get me this toy?"  After her friends left, I asked her if she liked the pony and she told me very nicely that she did not and that she probably wouldn't ever play with it.  She also added, "I don't even like pink!" 

After gifts, and while waiting for their parents to come, the kids played Duck Duck, Goose.

When the parents came, we sent each of the kids out the door with a cupcake to eat at home.

The girls had such a great time and received so many thoughtful, nice gifts.  What a great group of friends they have!


Jami Little said...

Movie party is genius. The girls were so sad to miss their party! It looks like it was a blast. Leah cracks me up, her face is priceless with that Pony! haha