Thursday, September 4, 2008

First day of School

My baby is all grown up and going to school!  Ok, so it's just preschool, but I can hardly believe it.  We all have been very excited about it.  Chloe has been excited about it since I first told her last Winter that I signed her up for school.

One morning, last March, Chloe burst into my room around 6:00 a.m. and announced, excitedly, (waking me up), "Mom, I'm going to school!"  We must have been talking about going to preschool the day before, so she thought that the next day was the day.  I didn't think much about it in that moment (still half asleep) and mumbled, "Yep!"  A few minutes later, I hear the garage door opening and I ran downstairs to find her out in the garage, fully dressed in the "lovely" outfit above, with equally lovely hair.  I asked her what she was doing, to which she replied, "Going to school!"  I broke her heart by telling her she still had 6 months until school started.  After many tears, and when she was calm and adjusted to the fact that school was not starting that day, I asked her what she was doing out in the garage and what her plan was.  She told me, "I was walking to school.... to learn, Mom."  So off to school she would have went, walking herself. 

Now, 6 months later, school time is finally here!  I don't know how we made it this long.  She has been so excited and talking about it nonstop.  (She woke up at 5:30 this morning... can you tell she's excited??)  Although she will not start Kindergarten for 2 more years, for her sake I had to start her in preschool this year.  She is very into classes, friends and teachers right now, and obsessed with "doing" something everyday.  She has a need to be going and doing, so this was the perfect thing for her.

All ready for her first day.  Luckily, she had nicer clothes on for the real first day, and her hair was done.  Whew!

She loved helping me pick out a backpack and was even more excited to fill it with a pencil box, markers and glue sticks, as requested by her teacher.  (And boy is it hard to find backpacks small enough for a 3 year old that don't fall off their shoulders!)

Mitch was equally as excited!  2 naps a week that he'll get to sleep in peace and quiet!

Chloe was very quiet as we walked into her teacher's house and got acquainted with everyone and everything.  Here she is being shown the toys by her teacher.

And..... a smile!  Preschool is a hit!

With "Miss Cindy" her teacher, after class.  They learned about themselves today and colored a picture of themselves.  They also measured their height and took their weight.  Chloe is the tallest one in her class (surprise, surprise) and is an inch taller than the next closest child.  She is not the youngest in her class (close, but not quite) and is definitely not the oldest, but she is the tallest and even beat out all of the 4 year old boys for height!!  Go Chloe!

We celebrated a great first day of Preschool by going to McDonald's for lunch!  This smile tells it all- she LOVED preschool and can't wait to go back!


Megan said...

Chloe is SOOOO lucky. Stella can't wait until next week when she starts. Congrats on a great first day.
Did mommy survive? :)

Camille said...

She is darling. That story about her planning to walk to school to learn is a great one, the picture is even better. I'm glad the big day finally came and it looks like everything was perfect. She will love Cindy, we think she's great!

Van said...

Yeah for Chloe! I'm glad she had a GREAT first day of school. You're right - the smile says it all.

Tara said...

Seriously a great story. I love that she's so excited to learn. It's definitely a big step when your oldest heads off to school!

Amanda said...

How funny! Would Chloe have known the way to walk had she really done that?
Let's hope she is this excited about school in 10-15 years!
Congrats Chloe!

Foust Family said...

What a cute story! I can't believe how grown up she looks! I am glad she is loving learning and school!

TaylorClan said...

Preschool is the BEST kind of school. Yeah for Chloe! (and good naps for Mitch!)

The Blakeslee Family said...

Only a week late this time! The picture of Chloe and Mitchell together is so cute. She's happy to go to school, he's happy to have some peace and quiet!
Catherine has offered to start our blog. I'm ready to take her up on that!