Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Work From Home

On Monday, Ben came home from work early and worked from home for the rest of the day. He rarely works from home (a few times a year at most) and we love having him here.

He set up his work laptop on the kitchen table and Lexi quickly found the toy laptop and sat down next to him to do her work, too.

She sat down and started "typing" away. An urgent email to send off, I'm sure.

The reason Ben came home early was to oversee the labor of our dog having pups.

Having pups is like Christmas at our house- the kids are so excited for the first few days and beg constantly to go out and see the pups and hold them. Leah loves to be front row to puppy watch.

They are so cute when they are tiny.

Holding pups- a family affair!

Leah is positively obsessed with the pups. She would crawl right in the box with them and stay the night if we let her.

She needed no prompting to kiss the puppy, over and over.

Lexi, when asked to smile for the camera.

More kisses

Daisy had a big litter again- 10 pups in all, but 4 were still born for unknown reasons. It was very sad, but we are glad the 6 we have are healthy and are getting plenty of love from 4 little munchkins. It's a great experience for our family, as the kids are a big part of taking care of the pups. They feed them (when they are old enough for solid food), play with them, help clean up after the messes they make and help take care of Daisy. Here's to another season of raising pups in the Andros house!


Megan said...

you andros' are busy!!! so is Daisy for that matter:)
still working on a girls weekend? NEED ONE

Holly said...

How much work gets done with FOUR young kids running around and a dog giving birth to TEN puppies? Congrats (and good luck) on the new litter… just in time for Christmas gifts?

Amanda said...

Your house is turning into a puppy mill! Once they are gone....Hawaii??