Friday, October 26, 2012

5 years old

My baby boy turned five last Wednesday.  Try as I may, I can't keep him little anymore.  What a fun, sweet little guy we have.

Our morning started off with a little drama... we dropped Chloe off at school, then had to make a very tense trip to the gas station as we were almost completely out of gas.  Our gas indicator in the van said we had zero miles until empty... if I haven't put in a little of our lawn mower gas, I'm pretty sure we would have ran out of gas on the way to the station.  A little adrenaline rush for the day.

When we got home, he helped me make his birthday cupcakes.

Licking the beater!

Later that morning, Mitch was a champ to go play at a friend's house while I did my visiting teaching. 
It was a nice, sunny day and since he had no school that day, he spent the entire afternoon outside playing with the neighbor boy.  Mitch could play outside all day- he does it any chance he gets (rain or shine).

When Ben got home from work, he opened his gifs.

His new Tom & Jerry shirt from me and Ben.  He loves Tom & Jerry.

Mitch was on one during his gift opening.  He kept cracking one liners and being silly and animated while he opened his gifts.

His audience thought he was hilarious.

 His current favorite obsession- baseball!  Can't wait to sign him up for T-ball this spring.

Angry Bird flickers- a favorite among all the kids.

He got some great gifts and loved them all.

After gifts, we loaded up and headed off to Red Robin to cash in on Mitch's free birthday meal.  I had coupons for all the kids to get a free meal that night (thanks to our dentist!)

After dinner, we headed straight to Chloe's soccer practice.  Mitch brought his new bat and baseball and played with Ben.

 Staring down the pitcher

This kid has a good little batter stance, a great swing on him, and can HIT the ball.  I love baseball and love that my son does too.

On our way back to the car after practice (in the pitch dark), the birthday boy darted in front of a moving car.  Luckily, there was no accidents and no one got hurt, but it scared Ben and I and after scolding Mitchell for making a bad choice, we had a grumpy birthday boy on our hands and a frazzled set of parents.  After a good little talk at home, we carried on with the fun.

Baseball mitt birthday cake. 

He even wore his baseball shirt for his birthday! 

Blowing out his "5" candle.  Is he really 5?

The week of his birthday was Mitch's "Star Student" week at school.

  He got to fill out this "All About Me" poster.  His teacher hung it up at school.  He was also permitted to bring to school things that describe him and put it on a shelf underneath the poster.  Mitch chose to take a pirate telescope (he loves pirates), his Buzz Lightyear and Woody action figures, a football, and his current favorite book titled "Pirates Don't Change Diapers."

Some of the questions on his "All About Me" poster were:

*When I grow up I would like to be..."A missionary for my church"
*Favorite color: "Green & orange"
*Favorite animal: "Tiger & lion" (he loves making tiger noises/growls)
*Favorite Food: "pizza"
Favorite Book: "Pirates Don't Change Diapers" by David Shannon
Favorite Sport: "Baseball"
Favorite Thing to do in school: "Recess" (he also loves math and numbers)
Favorite Thing to do at home: "Play outside with my friends"

3 Super-cool facts about Mitchell:

1. "I was a pirate for Halloween last year.  I love pirates."
2.  "I'm going to be Spiderman this year for Halloween."
3.  "I can ride a 2-wheeler bike without training wheels.  It's a big red bike."

He got to share this poster with his class, and tell about all the toys he brought to school.

As another fun treat for his special Star Student week, we got to bring in our puppies to show his class. Mitch was pretty excited.  He has made a lot of cute little friends in class and he was so excited to be in charge of something and show all his friends the pups.  Ben got to come with us, which was extra special!
Mitch and his new buddy Jackson (he talks about Jackson all the time).

 We passed the pups around to the kids and they all took turns holding them.  A few of the moms were there that morning volunteering in the classroom and they were even more excited than the kids about the puppies.

Mitch finally got his turn to hold a pup- I made him be the last one.

After everyone had a turn holding a puppy, Mitchell and Ben and I sat at the front of the room and Mitch got to call on kids to ask questions about the pups.  Their questions were cute and Mitch felt pretty special calling on his friends (and teacher).

 Mitch was excited to wear his Tom & Jerry shirt that same week.  He also loves the flashlight Grandma and Papa Blakeslee sent!

3 and 4 years old seem to be a hard age in the Andros house.  As Mitch has neared 5, he has started to outgrow that rough stage.  He is such a sweetheart and a helpful boy.  I sure love this kid.

Right before we went to Disneyland in September, Mitch had an eye check up.  We try to do one every year to make sure everything is in tip top shape.  We have a terrible family history of severe eye problems, so we have to keep a close "eye" on things.  He checked out great this year and was even a champ about getting drops in his eyes to dilate his pupils.  He couldn't hardly see a thing for the rest of the day, but it didn't slow him down much.

 This boy loves to be outside.  I can hardly keep him indoors.  We have had some rainy and 45 degree days here lately and that doesn't stop him from being outdoors for hours.  He is also a sweetie to play with his little sisters.

He's just a handsome little guy.  I love his red hair and the little freckles he gets in the summer.  I love his cute little teeth (I'm not ready for him to start losing them yet).  I love how red and flushed his face gets when he's been playing outside in the summer.  I love his little speech impediment and how he can't quite say his R's yet.  I love that he still loves to give hugs and kisses.  I love that his daddy is his best buddy.  I love that he loves to be active and be outdoors.  I love that he has a tender heart.  I love my Mitch man.  

 He loves pirates.  I guess if he ever has to get an eye removed, he'll probably be totally ok with it. (ha).

 He wants to be just like his daddy.  He loves to shave with Ben on Sunday mornings, loves to be a big boy and shower like dad.  He loves to do his hair like dad- wets it down, puts gel in it and combs it out or spikes it.  Last Spring, he put on a button up shirt like Ben wears to work and found some pens to put in his pocket, "just like dad." 

 He goes through phases where he doesn't like hats, but then when he does like hats.  I think he looks adorable in a hat.

 This little boy spends more time on the floor than anyone I know.  When we go shopping, he is constantly playing, sliding and crawling all over the dirty floors.  At home, he runs and then jumps onto his knees to slide all over the kitchen floors and outside on the grass and driveway.  It's no wonder we go through jeans like crazy.  One of the most common phrases heard at our house is "Mitch, get up off the floor" or "Quit sliding on your knee!  You're going to ruin your pants!"  Maybe that's why he had no interest in walking until 18 months- he really, really loves the floor!

 My little Mitchy 5 years ago.  Wasn't he sweet?

He was the sweetest baby there ever was (with the reddest skin I've ever seen in this picture-wow!)

 Happy 5 years to the best little red headed boy.  Love you, buddy. 


Megan said...

That Mitchell, we LOVE him! I think he should wear the pirate hat, always. He really does seem like Ben's "mini me", especially the pens in the pocket and his cute "r" sound...
Sometimes these pictures of him, take me back in time, Ben was my best buddy when we were that age :) and I love him a whole lot too!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Mitchell! I can't believe both of our second "babies" are five! The couple of times he has played at our house, he always wants to go outside and then is out there most of the time. He really is an outside boy :).

I also loved those pictures from the previous post of your girls in the bookshelf.

Tara said...

Five years sure do go fast! What a fun day of celebrating. I used to love those Red Robin certificates from Dr. Paul. My kids are too old for them now. How sad is that?

Happy Birthday, Mitchell!

Amanda said...

I also am quite fond of that little boy! And hopefully he will become fond of my kisses some day. His obsession with pirates is so great. I loved hearing him sing the pirate song on the pirate ride at Disneyland. Red headed boys really are sweet!

The Blakeslee Family said...

I love my little red-headed grandson. He looks good in a hat or without. I especially love that he's practicing to be a nerd just like his dad. Papa will be very pleased to hear about the baseball obsession. I hope it's lifelong. The last picture with Mom was so sweet.

Happy Birthday to Mitch! You're the best!

The Moore Family said...

Happy birthday Mitch! He such a handsome boy! Stockton is also obsessed with Tom and Jerry....! And way to go on all kids meals coupons! "If it is free it is for me!"
Love that picture at the end with you and Mitchell, so sweet!

Camille said...

I still picture him as a little guy in my mind, now he is all grown up and going to school. 5 seems so big! It's crazy.
Happy Birthday Mitchell!