Tuesday, December 11, 2012


My little hiatus from blogging can be very well explained and is extremely justified.  We have had the busiest month of our lives. More on that to come later.

Due to our "busiest month of our lives" month, we decided not to travel this year for Thanksgiving.  We had far too much to do to be away from home for any length of time. 

Upon hearing we were staying home for the holiday, some good family friends invited us over to share Thanksgiving with them, locally.

We had such a wonderful day with the Fletcher family. 

Our kids have been friends for years and always have a good time together.  One of their favorite play spots was on the stairs.

We shared the load of preparing Thanksgiving dinner, although the Fletcher's had all the hard stuff!

They had their already beautiful table decorated so nicely.

While waiting for dinner to be ready, everyone enjoyed the veggie and dip platter.  I think we filled it up (and emptied it) at least 3 times.

The 3 big girls at the "adult" table

The 3 little girls at the "cute little girls" table. 

Our delicious spread of food.  You can see Justin putting the finishing touches on the turkey.  It was a fantastic turkey- one of the best I've ever had.  Well done Fletchers, well done.

Loading up!

Everything was so tasty!

I had to get a picture of Holly- she's never in any pictures. :)

After dinner, the kids had bounds of energy, so we walked across the street to the park for a few minutes.

A game of hide and seek quickly started.

Abigail found a really good hiding spot...

The men needed a nap after a big meal and lots of dessert. 

The cutest part of the evening was Katie's small obsession with Ben.  She stuck by his side for hours and would crawl right up on his lap.

They were good friends all day.

At the Fletcher's, we can't seem to make an early escape- we are always just having too much fun.  That night was no exception.  After spending ALL day and ALL evening there, the twins were plum tuckered out.  It was way past bedtime and they both crashed hard on the couch.

We headed out on Saturday to do some Black Friday shopping as a family.  They must have still been worn out from the night before because both of them napped for a few hours in the car.

We have had so much to be thankful for this year.  Amidst the craziness of the last little while, we have had so many blessings and it is always great to have the opportunity to remember our blessings and give thanks for them.

Thank you Fletcher's for a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Amanda said...

You know it's been a busy day when little kids fall asleep like the twins did! Lexi looks almost dead. We will come up next year for Thanksgiving and have a feast!

Holly said...

I think Ben might disagree with the "locally" part :)

We had an awesome Thanksgiving and were so glad you guys could join us. I didn't realize you took so many fun pictures of the day.