Tuesday, August 6, 2013

End of school year wrap up & Misc. June

The kids had a few end of the school year activities that we attended.

Mitch had his "I Bloomed" end of the year performance.  The kids sang songs about learning and growing throughout the year.

It was very cute.

At the very end, they had a slideshow of all the K2 students.  Each student had their own slide with their picture and a description of something they had learned that year.  I was under the impression that their teacher had come up with what they had learned.  I quickly found out, after reading some of the responses, that the kids had thought up on their own what they had learned.

I was glad to know the kids had chosen what to say for the "I learned..." part.  Otherwise I would have been sad to think that his teacher thought he was unkind at the start of the year and that learning to be kind had overruled any academic learning that year! :)  Funny that Mitch could only think of "being kind" as what he learned that year.  His favorite thing to do is count and do math, so I would have thought he would have put that.  But being kind is a great thing and I'm glad to think he knew he had learned to do that.

This "K2" program Mitch was in (pre-kindergarten), was a fabulous, fabulous program.  It was a bit of a drive for us 2-3 times a week (every Tuesday and Thursday and every other Friday) but it was so worth it.  It was basically a kindergarten class with kindergarten curriculum.  Mitch truly did "bloom" this year and learned so, so much.  I was so pleased with everything they did at school and how much he came away with.  He is definitely ready for Kindergarten and I can't wait to try and get the twins into this same program in 2 years.

Chloe had an end of the year 2nd grade play while my parents were here in June.  The play was called "Vacation on Mars."  Towards the end of the school year, the kids learned a lot about the solar system. Chloe would come home from school and quiz Ben and I on facts about the solar system.  Sadly, I know very little little about the planets and the solar system.  Her facts were fun to learn about it and it was really neat to see her enthusiasm for this subject.

The play was about a family that went on vacation to Mars.  

The songs they sang were super cute and very catchy.  It was a fun evening!

Father's Day was the Sunday before school let out.  This handsome guy is one great dad.  His kids adore him!

On his special day, Ben surprised the kids with 2 new games and they spent the afternoon playing them together. 

A week before school got out, Chloe had her end of the year field trip.  The entire second grade went to Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.  It is a huge zoo with so much to see.  Chloe's group was with 2 good friends from church that also happen to be in her class this year!  Natalie and Emma are such sweet girls!

That same day was Mitch's last day of school- June 13th.  He and his carpool buddy, Jackson, after their last day!  Bring on Kindergarten!

Chloe's last day of school was on June 20th.  (So different than when I grew up and we got out before Memorial Day in May!)  I was informed a week before that Chloe would be receiving a special award for academic improvement.  I was invited to the end of the year awards ceremony.

Chloe was surprised to turn around and see me there- her teacher had kept it a secret from the students who would be receiving awards.

She and a few other students from her class were called forward to be recognized for their achievement.  Chloe's Monday-Thursday teacher, Mrs. Miller is in the green dress.  Her Friday teacher, Mrs. Bonham, is in the red shirt.

Chloe got a hug from Mrs. Bonham after the assembly.  We love her!  We got to know her and her family quite well this year, as Mitch and her younger son were in the same class at school and we started carpooling and doing play dates with him a few months into the school year.

Chloe also ran into her first grade teacher from last year, Mrs. Torres-Pintos and her teacher asked Chloe for a hug.  Mrs. T.P. loved Chloe and was always so wonderful with Chloe and talked so kindly about her.  I love that Chloe is well liked by her teachers.

After the assembly, we went back to Chloe's classroom where Mrs. Miller handed out the certificates for the awards they had just received.

I snapped a few pictures before we left.

Not only were Natalie and Emma friends from church in her class, she also had 2 boys from church- Carson and our carpool buddy Adam.  (The girl in the navy and white stripes is not in our ward- just hopped in the picture!)

One of the best teacher's ever- Mrs. Miller!  The girls in the class were very anxious to give her a goodbye hug, especially Chloe as we are changing schools next year and we won't get to see her anymore.

Chloe with our carpool buddy and close friend Adam.  We have carpooled with his family now for 2 school years in a row.  Right before school got out, we found out his family was moving out of state (they just moved last week).  That was a big loss for our entire family, as their whole family was close friends of ours.  I hate when friends move!

Chloe with her two end-of-school awards.

Chloe reached all of her Accelerated Reader awards this year- she got to go to the end of the year party for that.

The award she received at the assembly that day- academic improvement.

Chloe's end of the school year report card was nothing but greatness and achievement for her.  She excelled in almost every subject.  Her only true struggle this year was subtraction.  It is very hard for her and does not come naturally (despite her abilities in other areas of math), but we worked on it at home and tried to improve on it throughout the year.  Having a girl who truly loves school and works hard at it is wonderful.

After the school year ended, Chloe got a new room!  We've only been in this new house for 7 months and this is her second "new" room.  Her room previously had been on the main floor, but for different reasons, it wasn't the best fit for her.  She now is the only one with a room in the basement.  Before we made the big move, she was apprehensive and not excited.  Once we got all the extra junk cleared out of the room and showed her how cute of a bedroom it could be, she became very excited. 

Here she is on her first night in her new room!  She has done great in the basement and it is a good fit for her.

Ben's parents came to visit the end of June/beginning of July.  Chloe's new room did not have a closet in it, so we went to Ikea and bought a large wardrobe/closet for the room.  Nana and Papa were great to help us set it up after we bought it.

Chloe and Papa with the finished product, all set up in her room!  It is a great addition to her room.  (And a much needed addition!)

The last Saturday in June was a special day for Chloe and I.  Her Activity Day group went on a "trip" to the Seattle Temple.  The girls rode up with their leaders and all of the moms carpooled up together and surprised the girls there.  It was a very special day being at the temple with our daughters and feeling the wonderful spirit that the temple brings, even just being on the temple grounds.


Alyssa said...

This post actually makes me really sad because Natty just loved having Chloe in her class and we're sad she'll be at a different school. But congrats to Chloe for her awards! That's awesome.

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Not Alyssa. Tara!