Thursday, September 5, 2013

July happenings

Boy, have I been the worst blogger ever this summer!  The worst blogger for the last 9 months, really.  Being pregnant really hasn't helped.  With just 2 weeks to go in this pregnancy (hopefully!), I really need to get caught up.  But with very little energy these days, and sleeping worse than I've ever slept in my life for the past 2 weeks, I'm finding it very hard to have any motivation to do anything productive in my spare time. 

But alas, these memories won't post themselves.  And I know once my little sweetheart arrives, time will not be on my side.

Summer, now that it is officially behind us, is so fun to go back and relive.  Hotel Andros was in full swing this summer.  We had guests almost constantly from the end of May until the end of July.
Ben's sister Megan and her family stayed with us for an extended weekend over the 4th of July.  We were super low key the entire weekend, which was great for two pregnant moms.  The kids were so happy to just play together all day long.

Our 4th of July BBQ was delicious, thanks to Ben.  Bacon and onion burgers really hit the spot. 

The kids loved the watermelon and cookies!

There was lots of outdoor playing and bike riding.  Evie rocked the pedal bike, despite a broken arm!

Friday afternoon (July 5th), the big kids and the dads packed up to go on an overnight hiking trip.  Boy were they excited!

The backpacking crew- and Preston, who wanted in the picture!

Megan and I took the 4 youngest and headed off to Ikea for an evening of shopping and dinner. 

The next day, we hit up a local pizza buffet for lunch. 

All my kids loved having a cousin share their room for the weekend.  I found Lexi on the floor with Evie one night. 

Preston kept entertained with a baby box.  The only danger was the other 7 kids zooming around him on fast bikes!

2 pregnant Mama's!  We are 5 weeks apart- the closest Andros cousins there has been!  I was 29 weeks here and Megan was 24 weeks. 

On July 8th, all 4 kids started swimming lessons.  The twins were super excited, as this was their first time taking lessons.




Have you seen a cuter swimsuit on a 3 year old?

Mitch (blue goggles on the right)

Chloe did great on the back float this year!

My two babies in lessons together.  They were definitely the life of their group- neither one of them with any inhibitions.  



The two weeks went by fast for them, I'm sure.  They all did a great job!

On July 11th, (seven-eleven), we stopped by 7-Eleven for a free slurpee!

Ben's parents came back into town in July.  My sweet mother-in-law treated me to a very fabulous pedicure one morning while Papa stayed home and watched my kids.  It's no competition- I have the best in laws!!

Relaxing with Nana and Papa!

Papa humored the kids and played "Headbands" with them one morning.  And no, don't adjust your screen- Ben's dad is really that tan.  Being Greek, added in with recent trips to Hawaii and Florida, produce the darkest skin ever.  :)

Cutest game ever!

One of the kids' favorite things to do this summer was collect caterpillars and play with them.  They said they found a bush on our property that must have been producing them by the hundreds because they were never without a caterpillar when they wanted one.  I also found container after container (after container) around the house filled with caterpillars and leaves all summer long.  Which also meant I found a few stray creepy crawlers on the carpets and walls.  Yuck!