Friday, January 16, 2009

Eye Candy

They're finally here!  After much searching and trying on and waiting 2 weeks for them to be ordered and shipped, Chloe's glasses finally arrived and we picked them up today.  She has been so excited to go and pick them up!

Our beautiful Chloe in her new glasses in Costco, right after we picked them up.

She was very excited and sat so very still as the man adjusted them to her face, but when he was done, she wanted to fold them up and put them away in her glasses case.  It took some coaxing, but she put them on and wore them while we shopped.  We may struggle with her to keep them on because as we shopped, she kept taking them off and trying to put them in her case, saying, "I just need a break."  We've been over and over with her that there are no "breaks" with her glasses, only at night when she's asleep.  But wearing glasses full time is an adjustment for anyone, so we hope with time that she won't need "breaks" anymore.

In the car on the way home.

The day we picked out her frames and ordered her glasses, we went and bought a Hannah Montana case to get her excited about everything.  Today, she received the red one with a kitty on it from Costco when she got her glasses.  She is very excited about these cases- so excited, in fact, that she wants to put her glasses in there every few seconds just to use the cases.

Practicing her studious look- it's just natural when you have glasses, right?

She wore her glasses while we read stories tonight at bedtime and she agreed that she could see the pictures better (yahoo)!  We're hoping that she'll be motivated to wear them happily as she learns that she can see everything better!

And not to be left out....... Over Christmas break, in anticipation of Chloe's new glasses, Ben's mom pulled out Ben's old glasses that he wore as a small child.  We tried them on Mitchell and it made him look a lot like Ben did as a child.  It was hilarious!

"I think, therefore I am......"

Hooray for glasses!


Megan said...

so cute, stella was very excited to see her new look

TaylorClan said...

they are cute glasses, and chloe is cute in them-hooray!

neilandamanda said...

Dear Chloe,
You look beautiful in your glasses! You are so lucky to have them. I can't wait to come and visit and see you wearing them. You are the cutest tuti-fruiti I know!
Love, Aunt Amanda

I love your hair! You finally got the bangs you've been wanting right? No more bobbing pinning them back after Edward Scissor Hands got finished. I'm jealous

Van said...

Chloe you look cute in your glasses! I am glad you can see things better!

Tammy said...

Chloe, you're so pretty in your new glasses. And I'm sure the reason you want to take your glasses off is because your cases are sooo cute!

I'm wearing my glasses right now, too.

The Blakeslee Family said...

I can't believe it's been so long since I checked your blog. Chloe and Mitchell look adorable in their glasses. Makes me think I better dig out my first pair--or a least a picture of me.
Your snow pictures are great. They make me cold just looking at them. Glad that you're taking advantage of the cold weather and having such a good time. Love you all.

Holly said...

Cute pictures! I especially like the studious look!

Camille said...

She looks absolutely adorable!

TheFlammfam said...

I think Ben should wear glasses just like the ones he had when he was little. I think it would make him look younger and smarter.