Monday, February 4, 2008

2 Girls for Every Boy

Last night we had some friends over for the evening. We all have babies within a few months of each other and all 3 are pretty darn cute. Mitchell is the only boy of the group, which we think is pretty lucky- he has the pick between 2 very darling little girls.

Here is all three of them, L-R:
Kylee- 8 months, Mitchell-3 months, Eliza-4 months

Between the 3 couples, we probably took 25 pictures of these little ones and I could post all of them, but Mitchell's expression would never change. The two little girls smile and laugh and change expression between every shot, but Mitchell just sat in the middle, surrounded by beauty, and never even smiled. He was very happy and content, but very mellow throughout. I think he is taking his job as the only man very seriously- this is a tough decision!

Here are all 3 babes almost exactly 2 months ago on December 2nd. Again, Mitchell presents the same serious front...

Eliza and Mitch are just one month, 2 days apart. Eliza out weighed our little man by almost 3 pounds at birth, but he has quickly caught up and possibly even passed her up in weight.

Here they are again, both playing hard to get....

This was our favorite shot of the 3 of them- Mitchell, once again, seriously considering his options, while Eliza tries to persuade him with her puppy dog look and big eyes. Kylee, on the other hand, quietly sits on the other side, contently chewing on a carrot, perhaps preferring a healthy snack to our macho man.

Ironically enough, all three of them weigh almost the exact same. Mitchell has not been weighed in the last month, but both girls weigh in the 16 pound range and Mitch was almost 16 pounds at Christmas, so we guess he is at 16 pounds now, perhaps a pound or 2 more. 3 very cute little babies that are all very sweet and a lot of fun!


The Kemp's said...

I have to say that I really love your quote under your name. I had to steal it for my own blog. Thievery is the best compliment after all, right?

Megan said...

How fun to have friends with kids close in age. It makes it easy to get together. Stella wants to get together. She keeps packing bags and telling me she's going to Seattle to see Chloe and stay with her aunt Carrie(probably you too Ben) but Carrie gets a personal mention!

Van said...

Mitchell is a very lucky little guy to have TWO girlfriends! I have never seen pictures of Daniel's or Josh's little girls. All three babies are as cute as can be, but Mitchell takes the cake with his poker face. He is not letting on which girl he prefers!

Camille McInelly said...

That serious man will have to loosen up to get the girls... give him some time and I'm sure it will be no problem. He's definitely got the looks. cute pictures!