Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer Weather

Finally- some sun and heat at the same time!  This past weekend was the hottest weekend of the year here, and we have been very anxiously awaiting it!  We got into the 90's on Saturday and 80's most of the other days.  We tried to take advantage of the beautiful weather by being outdoors as much as we could.

After Ben got home from work on Thursday, we all took a bike ride together.  Chloe has been riding in this trailer since we got it, but this is Mitchell's first season using it (he rode in for the first time last week).  The look on his face shows his apprehension.... "What have I gotten myself into??"

I made Ben ride the bike that pulled the trailer.... 60+ pounds of kids to haul sounded like a bit much for me.  

On Friday, the kids and I headed to the park.  Mitchell got to try out his first baby swing.  He wasn't sure what to think at first.

I let him sit in the swing for a minute, and when I started pushing him, he would lay back because the swinging took his breath away.  When he caught his breath, he would smile like this.  He loved it.

King of the Swings!

Chloe loves being outside on any day, but really loves it when it's warm.  She spent the weekend making sure the plants were watered.  I gave her the special assignment of watering the plant on the front porch, and she took her job seriously.  She fills up her little watering can, then goes and makes sure each leaf and actual flower is wet.  (I had to explain to her that it was the soil that needed the water).

And yes, she is in sweat pants.  She spent most of the day in shorts, but after running through the sprinklers out back, she put on sweats and didn't seem to mind them with the heat.  I guess we have been wearing sweats so often this cold winter and spring that it is just habit for her.

Chloe also took it upon herself to try and water the BIG plants out front.  Notice the size of the watering can to the flowers.... it kept her happy and entertained, though.

We loved having some very warm days, but the heat came on so fast that it kind of took it out of us!  Just a few days earlier it was in the 50's, and then in just 3 days it was 90 degrees.   It probably effected Mitchell the most- he didn't know quite what to do with such warm weather that he had never felt before.  He was very lethargic and sweaty and had a hard time napping.  He was wishing, as do I, that we had air conditioning!!  Some day.....  We tried to stay cool by making homemade ice cream in our cool new blender.  It, of course, was delicious! (Is ice cream ever NOT delicious?)

  On Saturday we worked on our front yard, which is currently under construction.  We are ripping out all of the landscaping (plants, big rocks/boulders, bark, and weeds of course) and putting in sod.  We hope to be done with all of it very soon and I will post before and after pics of it when it's all finished.

Hooray for the warm weather, and here's to hoping it comes back soon!


Amanda said...

The picture of Mitchell in the swing with his little legs-those remind me of my legs right now! I love the bike trailer-we are looking into buying one soon. I tell you though, some of them are as expensive as cars though. How do they sleep at night?

TaylorClan said...

I know Seattle folks are used to green, but that is what I am most excited for this spring-my trees just barely sprouted-Hooray!

Megan said...

we are all sporting a little bit of sunburns from the weekend. the kids and i worked outside allday sat. and then swam in our 6 in. pool after that. they also tried out the sprinkler under the trampoline for the first time.