Monday, August 1, 2011

Days 7 & 8

Days 7 & 8, Friday and Saturday, were relaxed. My brother and his family went home straight from Lagoon Thursday night, so the vacation was dwindling down and the big activities were over.

Friday was a relaxing day. It was nice to get up leisurely and not have to get everyone ready to go somewhere. Dad and Ben went golfing and the rest of us just hung out in our pj's and played.

Chloe got to hold baby Jackson for the first time and she was super excited. She loves babies and seeing her hold Jax and put him to sleep reminded me of when she used to put Leah and Lexi to sleep as newborns just by holding them and rocking them.

Chloe and Mitch don't normally take naps, but after an exhausting week, all 4 of my kids took a nap on Friday afternoon. Chloe fell asleep watching a cartoon. All the activities of the week exhausted all of them!

Late that afternoon, my parents loaded up and headed home, taking my 3 girls with them. Ben and I stayed in Logan with Mitchell Friday night and all day Saturday.

It was amazing going from 4 kids to 1... We can barely remember what it was like to have just one and it was fun to spend a few days with just Mitch. That never happens.

Saturday afternoon Ben, Mitch and I just drove around Logan. Our first stop was the mall, which Mitch did not love, but we let him ride a toy rocket ship on the way out to make peace.

For lunch we got burgers, fries and a milk shake.

After a few more shopping stops, we headed up to the Logan Temple to walk around the temple grounds. To our dismay, the temple and grounds were closed for summer cleaning.

We were disappointed, but decided to make the best of it and get some pictures through the fence.

Ben and I really wanted a picture of us in front of the temple and we've never let Mitch take pictures before with our camera, but decided to make an exception today. And he was thrilled!

So thrilled, in fact, that he held down the button and snapped picture...

After picture...

After picture...

After picture...

You get the point... And this was only a handful of them.

He must have taken 30 pictures in the 8 seconds he was holding the camera. It was pretty funny.

Later that afternoon, we headed up to Green Canyon with my sister and her family to let the 2 big boys ride bikes and throw rocks in the water. Mitch is always more than happy to throw rocks into any body of water.

Ben loved going up the canyon- any canyon in Logan, really. He loves that within just 10 minutes (or less), you can be up in the mountains and out away from town and people. You can't do that in Seattle, that's for sure. Boy, we miss Logan.

More rock throwing for rock loving boys.

After dinner on Saturday, we left to go up to Salt Lake City to spend the night in a hotel because Ben flew back home from Salt Lake Sunday morning. I had to say bye to this sweet baby boy after just a short week of getting snuggles with him.

Saturday night we met up with Ben's little brother Marcus in SLC where he was visiting for the weekend. We didn't check into our hotel until 11:00 p.m.


The Moore Family said...

Wow...going from 4 kids to 1! Bet that was different for ya! And once again, you made me want a burger and fries and milkshake!!