Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Days 9 &10

Day 9 was Sunday. Ben flew out of the Salt Lake airport bright and early at 8:30. He left the hotel room before Mitchell even woke up. It's hard to have him leave. I'm always so excited to stay at my parents house to extend our vacation and for the kids to spend extra time with their grandparents and sometimes cousins, but I hate having Ben go. But looking on the bright side, we are just blessed that he has a job to pay for these vacations, especially allowing me to stay extra.

Here is Mitch on the hotel bed. He is eating the only thing he chose for breakfast- an apple. I thought he would be super excited about the continental breakfast (I was! I love hotel waffles!) but he only drank a cup of juice and a few bites of this very small apple.

To keep up with yesterday, he insisted that he also take a picture of ME. It was only fair, since I made him get one.

But Mitch decided to hold down the button again...


Mitch and I drove back to Burley Sunday morning, arriving just in time for church. It was such a nice, quiet drive home. No babies crying or whining. Traveling with one kid who is content to watch movies the whole time was wonderful.

Day 10, Monday.

The kids LOVE my parents trampoline and jump on it at least 10 different times a day. My good friend from high school, and also my childhood next door neighbor, lives just across the street from my parents with her family. My kids enjoy playing with her kids when we visit.

After my mom got off work, we headed into town to run some errands. Before we went home, we stopped at a local Frozen Yogurt (or "Fro-Yo", it's more "cool" name) joint and had a treat. This place charges you per ounce of frozen yogurt, which is nice because then I can get smaller amounts for the babies and kids and more for me! :)


Amanda said...

how dare u get fro yo without me?

The Blakeslee Family said...

If Amanda would come to visit, we'd go to KiwiLoco. I take every out of town guest to KiwiLoco. Just ask Sandy and Nelda. Any one want to come to Burley? I'm treating!